My Weight Loss!!

I've been trying to do the ShayCarl challenge.  I've been walking all over the country side. I've been eating healthier and smaller portions.  I have to say I have slipped up a few times.  I mean those Oreo cookies are just so gosh darn tempting.  They cry out Sarah eat me, I have a yummy cream in the center.  Yea so those have been getting me.  I have to say it's not to bad though, I've only eaten 1 or 2  every few days.  I've been walking 2 miles a day with my boy.  That's a wonderful experience.  We walk and he'll find cool things on the ground and pick them up to add to his Science table in the school room.  These moments we can talk and really enjoy each others company. 

My clothes are fitting nicely.  I can actually wear my size 7 jeans!  I haven't been able to fit into those since before I had James. ^_^ I've been in size 10's for ever. So I'm getting there.  I say the scale is a booger though.  I weighed myself and I only lost 5 lbs.  I think it lies. I mean my clothes are fitting and people I haven't seen for a bit ask if I've lost weight.  Come on that has to mean something.  So I'm not going to check the scale for a while, it'll just make me discouraged.
So goal for this Sat. Walk 5 miles to the river have a picnic and rest and then walk back home.  Can me and my boy make it?  I think so, with a lot of frequent breaks.  I'm so freezing water and taking that.   I'll keep you posted.

Sarah Meadows