Monday, September 12, 2011

Here's my weight loss update!!

I've been changing my diet to a more productive healthy one.  I've lost 6 pounds and that's only because I haven't been trying.  I know I know!! What is up with that.  My problem and I'm sure there are plenty of you out there, is the total lack of follow through, plus I'm addicted to sweets.  I think this goes back to when I was a child and I wasn't able to have sweets whenever I wanted it.  Not because my mom wouldn't let me, it was because my dad didn't have enough money to spend on those things.  As I am older I know why he didn't have the money and it wasn't drinking, drugs or gambling.  Well anyway, now when I walk by a vending machine with sweets or go into a gas station I have to buy me something sweet.  I'm working on breaking this habit.  It's hard I have to admit.  I have been having sugar with drawls.  I have found that making smoothies has made the sugar cravings disappear a heck of a lot.  I get my sweet tooth fix while getting all of those wonderful fruits and a few veggies into my diet.  I find sweetening the smoothie with honey or juice helps a lot.  I never use sugar.  Now for my chocolate cravings.  Well that I make sure I get the darkest I can stand that has just the right amount of sugar in it.  The darker it is, the more bitter it tastes.  Yes I'm a total wimp.  My son can chew a fish oil pill (that's chew, not swallow) and not even gag.  I think I gag enough for the both of us. :P
Anyway I have been exercising but not to the extent I should be.  So I decided to ask hubby to bring home his bike from the warehouse so I can ride it.  I get discouraged on the whole walking thing.  I walk 3 miles and it just is blah.  I'm bringing back things I use to do when I was a kid workout.  Jump rope, running short sprints, hide and seek with DS, and now riding a bike.  All things that were fun when I was young and that I loved doing.  I was in tip top shape then too. 
I'm looking forward to being called bean pole again, hopefully in a loving tone though. ^_^

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