Saturday, July 9, 2011


I just got finished "cleaning" my wish list on Amazon.  Man did it take forever.  I was completely floored by what I saw.  I'm going through and "I'm like I've got that, that and that and then I look and I'm think I am so glad I never wasted my money on that what in the heck was I thinking".  I ended up with over 30 items I had bought between now and the time I placed the item in my wish list.  The thing that's even the coolest is that I forgot all about putting those items in my wish list.  The whole bit about thinking on it and letting go is a huge thing.  Also it's not me going out and buying it all, which I did end up getting a few of the items myself (I ended up with extra spending money and was able to purchase those few), but the main thing is I got the items from friends, family and hubby.    This whole prayer and Law of Attraction is so awesome!!! ^_^
Sarah Meadows

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  1. Prayer IS awesome. And the thing is that we get those items when we need them. Or sometimes it's like: "Hey Sarah, I just want to show you I love you. Here is a little something from ME." At other times it's like: "Sarah, I know your feeling like I've forgotten you but I've been here all the time; here is a little something to remind you that I'M always with you. No matter how it comes the Law of Attraction works.