Saturday, July 9, 2011


I just got finished "cleaning" my wish list on Amazon.  Man did it take forever.  I was completely floored by what I saw.  I'm going through and "I'm like I've got that, that and that and then I look and I'm think I am so glad I never wasted my money on that what in the heck was I thinking".  I ended up with over 30 items I had bought between now and the time I placed the item in my wish list.  The thing that's even the coolest is that I forgot all about putting those items in my wish list.  The whole bit about thinking on it and letting go is a huge thing.  Also it's not me going out and buying it all, which I did end up getting a few of the items myself (I ended up with extra spending money and was able to purchase those few), but the main thing is I got the items from friends, family and hubby.    This whole prayer and Law of Attraction is so awesome!!! ^_^
Sarah Meadows

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'm manifesting some weight loss

Don't know if any of you know who Shay Carl is from the "Shaytards",but he's doing a weight loss contest.  His goal is to loss 50 pounds within 3 months.  I think this is the 2nd week into it.  Well I'm going to do it.  Sadly I never completely lost my baby weight and I really am determined to.  Heck even more so now.  So I'm weighing in at exactly 152 pounds.  My end goal is not lossing 50Ibs, but to weigh a nice round number of 120.  So I'm going to work on that, by staying positive.  Seeing myself a wonderful 120 Ibs and also the normal common sense, eating right and exercising.  I really have to work on the mindset part.  How?  Well I have to think exercising is fun.  For a while I've been thinking it's a boring chore "not this, no anything but that".  So because of that I've been really slacking big time.  Embarrassingly true.  So I'm thinking like when I was a kid.  Sometimes you have to whip out the kid card.  Have fun, play, get out there like you use to when you were little.  I remember I'd spend the whole day outside playing.  Of course sometimes I didn't have a chose, my Aunt would lock the door on me and wouldn't let me in for a while, so I'd have to find something to do.  So anyway, I'm reverting back to when outside stuff was fun.  It has been working for about a week.  The goal is to make it stick permanently.  I think it will since it takes two weeks for a habit to form.  I've been snacking through out the day and yes every once in a while I'll cave and have a sweet.  I'm trying to make it not torturous.  Point is to make it stick, not make me cringe and wish I never did it.  I'll weigh in a week from now and let you know the results. Oh and since it's so dag dumb hot out, I'm working out in the evenings, I'd die other wise.  Oh check out Shaycarl. I love his videos with his wonderful family.  Yes I'm a fan, actually have been since 2008-2009.  He's got a few different channels. So let's get this thing going.  If anyone else wants to do it, I'd be even more pumped. ^_^ 

Sarah Meadows