Monday, September 12, 2011

Here's my weight loss update!!

I've been changing my diet to a more productive healthy one.  I've lost 6 pounds and that's only because I haven't been trying.  I know I know!! What is up with that.  My problem and I'm sure there are plenty of you out there, is the total lack of follow through, plus I'm addicted to sweets.  I think this goes back to when I was a child and I wasn't able to have sweets whenever I wanted it.  Not because my mom wouldn't let me, it was because my dad didn't have enough money to spend on those things.  As I am older I know why he didn't have the money and it wasn't drinking, drugs or gambling.  Well anyway, now when I walk by a vending machine with sweets or go into a gas station I have to buy me something sweet.  I'm working on breaking this habit.  It's hard I have to admit.  I have been having sugar with drawls.  I have found that making smoothies has made the sugar cravings disappear a heck of a lot.  I get my sweet tooth fix while getting all of those wonderful fruits and a few veggies into my diet.  I find sweetening the smoothie with honey or juice helps a lot.  I never use sugar.  Now for my chocolate cravings.  Well that I make sure I get the darkest I can stand that has just the right amount of sugar in it.  The darker it is, the more bitter it tastes.  Yes I'm a total wimp.  My son can chew a fish oil pill (that's chew, not swallow) and not even gag.  I think I gag enough for the both of us. :P
Anyway I have been exercising but not to the extent I should be.  So I decided to ask hubby to bring home his bike from the warehouse so I can ride it.  I get discouraged on the whole walking thing.  I walk 3 miles and it just is blah.  I'm bringing back things I use to do when I was a kid workout.  Jump rope, running short sprints, hide and seek with DS, and now riding a bike.  All things that were fun when I was young and that I loved doing.  I was in tip top shape then too. 
I'm looking forward to being called bean pole again, hopefully in a loving tone though. ^_^

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Saturday, July 9, 2011


I just got finished "cleaning" my wish list on Amazon.  Man did it take forever.  I was completely floored by what I saw.  I'm going through and "I'm like I've got that, that and that and then I look and I'm think I am so glad I never wasted my money on that what in the heck was I thinking".  I ended up with over 30 items I had bought between now and the time I placed the item in my wish list.  The thing that's even the coolest is that I forgot all about putting those items in my wish list.  The whole bit about thinking on it and letting go is a huge thing.  Also it's not me going out and buying it all, which I did end up getting a few of the items myself (I ended up with extra spending money and was able to purchase those few), but the main thing is I got the items from friends, family and hubby.    This whole prayer and Law of Attraction is so awesome!!! ^_^
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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'm manifesting some weight loss

Don't know if any of you know who Shay Carl is from the "Shaytards",but he's doing a weight loss contest.  His goal is to loss 50 pounds within 3 months.  I think this is the 2nd week into it.  Well I'm going to do it.  Sadly I never completely lost my baby weight and I really am determined to.  Heck even more so now.  So I'm weighing in at exactly 152 pounds.  My end goal is not lossing 50Ibs, but to weigh a nice round number of 120.  So I'm going to work on that, by staying positive.  Seeing myself a wonderful 120 Ibs and also the normal common sense, eating right and exercising.  I really have to work on the mindset part.  How?  Well I have to think exercising is fun.  For a while I've been thinking it's a boring chore "not this, no anything but that".  So because of that I've been really slacking big time.  Embarrassingly true.  So I'm thinking like when I was a kid.  Sometimes you have to whip out the kid card.  Have fun, play, get out there like you use to when you were little.  I remember I'd spend the whole day outside playing.  Of course sometimes I didn't have a chose, my Aunt would lock the door on me and wouldn't let me in for a while, so I'd have to find something to do.  So anyway, I'm reverting back to when outside stuff was fun.  It has been working for about a week.  The goal is to make it stick permanently.  I think it will since it takes two weeks for a habit to form.  I've been snacking through out the day and yes every once in a while I'll cave and have a sweet.  I'm trying to make it not torturous.  Point is to make it stick, not make me cringe and wish I never did it.  I'll weigh in a week from now and let you know the results. Oh and since it's so dag dumb hot out, I'm working out in the evenings, I'd die other wise.  Oh check out Shaycarl. I love his videos with his wonderful family.  Yes I'm a fan, actually have been since 2008-2009.  He's got a few different channels. So let's get this thing going.  If anyone else wants to do it, I'd be even more pumped. ^_^ 

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Friday, June 17, 2011

My niece and nephew used LoA and got a playset

This is so awesome!  My niece and nephew have been talking about wanting a play set for at their grandmas house (my mom) and they gave that want to God and their prayers were answered.  I have the link here.  See this stuff even works for little ones too!

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I've been wanting a little bit of spending money for a few days now.  Well yesterday I'm walking past our island in the kitchen and I spot $40 just laying there.  I'm thinking awesome!! So I ask hubby what the money was there for (repeating in my head like a mantra "please say for me").  So he says " I thought you might like some spending money".  What!?!?!? I immediately wrap my arms around his neck and give him a kiss.  See it happens even in tiny things. ^_^

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Needing a Mirror

So now that we have a beautiful dresser (if you haven't read it follow this link here) the only thing missing is a mirror.   I kind of have it in my mind of what I want, but mainly it's one of those pieces where I'll know it when I see it.  So I'm going to put it out there and see what happens.  I know it will come and it will be perfect, actually way better then what I imagine (that's what normally happens).  I can't wait!  Will fill you in when it happens.  ^_^

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Even small things will come

So for a few weeks I have been thinking, "I want a bigger planter for my Blueberry tree".  I finally gave it over to God and I received it.  This is how it happened.  I came over to the warehouse where my husband has all of his workout equipment (I'll share with you soon).  I pull in and right there in front of the door is an empty planter, the exact size I have been needing!  Here's a pic of it.  I'm so psyched.


So I'm going to start showing things that I have Manifested

So through the steps in my book I have Manifested quite a bit of things.  I'll fill you in every time it happens.  Also when I want something I'll be posting that.  So the first thing since writing this book, I would have to say I got a prayer answered that I am so grateful for.  I have a new friend.  I was praying for one that was a wonderfully true friend and I got her.  I have a wonderful friend from my high school days and I call her my best friend but sadly she lives a little bit a distance away. :( I need someone that lives close.  Recently I had one, but it didn't turn out happily and I was really upset and hurt by it.  So I prayed and asked for one to replace her, someone that cherished friendship like I do.  It happened just 3 days after praying. I am so thankful for having her in my life.  So yea!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The best ever blessing

My baby boy was the best blessing "manifested". I'm so happy to have been able to have him. He definitely is a hand full sometimes, but I wouldn't change a thing.
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Saturday, June 11, 2011

I Manifested a Bakers Rack

So this is one of those items that I had in the back of my mind.  One that I longed for but never thought I'd get.  I know you think I'm weird but I think there awesome looking, plus I feel like a cool awesome chef with one in my kitchen and to top it off it makes the home a little bit more homey. :) I'm so thankful for everything I've got.  So here's the Baker's Rack with everything organized on it.
Oh notice the basket on the very bottom :) I got that to.  Thank you so much Cenia :)
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